Foster Homes Needed

Ever thought about fostering?

Foster Homes are one of the most valuable resources for any Rescue Organization and we are always looking for people willing to open their hearts and homes to our dogs and puppies. 
Havanese blossom when they are in a home environment where they can get some individual attention and house experience and they become much more adoptable.

Fostering is for you if:

-Want to help a Havanese waiting for a forever home
-Can provide a safe environment where a Havanese will be treated kindly
-Would like to provide a temporary companion for another dog or cat
-Have been thinking about adopting a Havanese but are just not sure how they will fit into your lifestyle

Some of the most commonly asked questions are:

Q: How long will we have to keep the Havanese dog or puppy?
A: The average stay for one of our Havanese is 3 weeks to 1 month.  However, some Havanese can be with us for a long time.

Q: Who provides the food and supplies and medical care for the Havanese?
A:  Rescue does.

Q: What if the dog requires medical care?
A: Decisions are made by rescue on a case by case issue depending on needs but rescue pays all costs.

Q: What if the Havanese does not get along with our resident animals?
A: We will provide information regarding introducing animals to resident pets.  If we are unable to resolve the issues, we will remove the Havanese as soon as we are able. We offer full support in helping you. You are not alone.

Q: What if we want to keep the dog?
A: Provided that we have not already promised the dog or puppy into a home and you are approved, you may adopt your foster Havanese.

Do you have a big heart? Many dogs in need of foster have been through troubled times, they need reassurance and kindness. They can need retraining. They may be special need cases.

Foster homes ARE needed - long or short term. Please send mail to and tell us about yourself, your lifestyle and your environment.