Approx. Age: 
4 Years Old

Callie was surrendered to Rescue in March of 2011.  She came into rescue scared of everything since she and her mate Louis spent all of their time in crates.  She is believed to be about 4 years old.  She has since been spayed, health checked, vaccinated and was fostered until she went into her new home.  In her new home, she flourished with the owner's 11 year old Jack Russel Terrier named Eddie.  Her and Eddied got along fabulously and she managed to become house trained, friendly with everyone, and a nice loving pet. 
Unfortunately, Callie's human passed away the last week in February.  She then was returned to rescue as her home was no longer there.  She is currently in foster care where she is with Eddie.  We are currently looking for the best home for Callie.  Preferrable without children as she is not used to them and we do not know how she will react.  She has a few fears initially as her life has been turned upside down but with a little bit of patience and understanding, she will be the most loyal companion.


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 Hi there,


We have an 11year old Maltese poodle and are interested in adopting. We don't have kids so we think she would fit our household . 


Thx janice

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Callie sounds very much like my previous Hav. I am wondering if she would work with an older blind Westie. Wes was also a rescue, but has done very well. We live in the country with a fully fenced backyard and someone is home all the time since we are both retired and my husband is in a wheelchair.

I would like to know how big she is, if there are any health issues, since my last Hav died of congestive heart failure and is she in Ontario? Do you think she would have a problem being away from Eddie?


Carol Campbell