Story of Kooba

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All about Kooba

Kooba has turned into an amazing dog who would benefit from continuing socialization (loves dogs and people) and some bonding time with obedience training (loves to learn and please you). She soaks up new things fast. She ADORES her walks. 

Kooba was a breeding dog for almost 6 years of her life and was adopted by an 86 year old woman. She kept her for a year and ended up in rescue due to the woman's ill health. She was unable to let her out or care for her or do the things that dogs need and was in need of help herself. Kooba arrived at our home from the granddaughter's house.

As a breeding dog, she has a real base as a nurturer and shows us this side of her now that she has become relaxed in her environment. She also tells the youngn's enough as a mother would but then gets back into playing with them. She seems to be thriving with the play.

We were told that Kooba was not house trained (see progress below) nor did she like other dogs or people. They felt that she was very submissive and couldn't deal with being left alone all day. She also didn't do crates.

She arrived at our home (the designated foster home) and we introduced her to our dogs one on one. She showed all the signs of being extremely fearful and overwhelmed. She slept in our university age son's room to allow her to sleep. She paced all night. She was under stress. Her first night here she did pee on her bedding. She was with her last owner during her ill health long enough that we suspected that this was her place to eliminate not being able to let herself out.

In the morning we took her out, fed her and showed her the yard. That first day we took her out every 2 hours rewarding and praising her for going outside even when she didn't make it past the cement walkway. We placed bells on our door and showed her how to use the doggie door. She got the bells quickly and the doggie door. She had a couple more accidents the first couple of days and now comes to get you when she needs to go or lets herself out through the doggie door if it is open. She also rings the bell.

Kooba ADORES her walks. We were told she would not smell nor eliminate when she was out for a walk but found if the walk lasted 20 minutes, she would go. She is now starting to go before that point. She also smells to see who was by on the lamp posts (doggie communications). She is relaxing and thoroghly enjoying the walks. She even now waits her turn.

Kooba's colouring

Kooba has beautiful colours coming in as you can see with this head shot. She's still getting brushed daily to get her used to the feeling and she's doing really well with it so much so that she stands in line to wait her turn.

Her teeth was pretty dirty when she arrived and we are brushing and using Leba and at the end of this month, she will be having them professionally cleaned. She eats neck bones - which she loves and that has been cleaning them up and she loves them so, that we know her teeth are not hurting her.

Kooba hesitates with new people and new dogs for minutes but now introduces play with visiting dogs and we are finding that she is actually not submissive. When people try to pet her,  now she hesitates to assess the situation and then can be found giving kisses to everyone we have had here. She is an amazing love! She is proactive in getting other dogs to play with her and we find she is HIGHLY curious. She also plays with you and a toy but not on her own yet. We are working on that.

Kooba didn't snuggle that first day and tightened her body up when we would caress her but now she will snuggle in bed, on the couch and in the chair while you are watching TV or sit in a bed close to you. She loves the attention and the love and gives it back quite readily.

She is also quite comfortable in a crate with the door open. We will be trying to close it to condition her with a fave treat.

Kooba plays like a puppy and I mean quite literally. She is happiest when playing with our 2 year old male or the under 1 year old pups and keeps up with all 3 with no issues. We feel she needs to have playmates and would be best suited to a home that has another dog. She feels very comfortable around our goldens. But she plays the best with the Havanese.

We find that Kooba is a highly intelligent dog who learns fast. She doesn't like yelling but who does? Her tail will go down immediately but with positive correction, she gets it fast. We are working on confidence building and she is really making a complete recovery from the dog that arrived.

She has turned into an amazing dog who would benefit from continuing socialization (loves dogs and people) and some bonding time with obedience training (loves to learn and please you). She soaks up new things fast. Although we were told she didn't do walks well - we are finding just the opposite and gets way excited when she realizes she is going on one.

To be honest, she has made such a quick turn around and has such a love for play and learning that we would have kept her here ourselves if we didn't already have a full house. But, this one is welcomed to come visit any old time.

Kooba's Foster mom