Why We Need HFC Rescue

Rescue is so important

Rescue may seem an odd topic for the sweet winsome Havanese. They are cute and cuddly and endear themselves to everyone they meet; so why would any Havanese anywhere need rescuing? These very reasons that make them so delightful are also their downfall. We are in the midst of a Havanese population explosion. One look at the CKC statistics for litters and registrations confirms that the popularity of the Havanese is on the rise. A slow gradual increase would have been in the best interests of the breed, but this is not to be. The Havanese breed is growing by leaps and bounds.

Far too many people are getting caught by the “cuteness factor”. Havanese are cute therefore they "must" be ideal pets. Wrong! Havanese can indeed be marvelous companions for many people but they are not for everyone. Too many people purchase a puppy on impulse and have no idea what they are getting into or if indeed a Havanese or any dog is right for them.

If, after all your research, you have decided that the Havanese is the right breed for your family, the next step is just as critical. It is very important to get your puppy from a knowledgeable, reputable, ethical breeder. Do get referrals and check references. Take the time to contact the Havanese Fanciers of Canada for additional breed information and a breeder referral and be prepared to wait. Just because a breeder advertises in a magazine does not make them reputable. Publishers do not police who is who; they are simply an advertising company and will print the paid adds for anyone who submits them. Sadly, along with increased popularity, come an array of other issues. Havanese have found their way to puppy mills and commercial breeders who care more about quantity and profit rather than quality and the betterment of the breed. Yes, here in Canada, there are Havanese in puppy mills producing litter after litter of puppies. These mills are ready to sell these very in-demand pups to unsuspecting families who decide that they want a Havanese and must have one NOW. The reputable breeders are the ones left to clean up the mess, they are also the ones who step in and subsequently answer questions and help solve problems even when these are puppies they have not bred themselves.

Our breed club, The Havanese Fanciers of Canada has had contingency plans for breed rescue in place since the very beginnings of the Club. Havanese rescue is for any purebred Havanese that may be in dire straights and in need of removal to safety from their predicament. The reputable breeders are not the ones causing the problem but they are the ones saving for the cause to ensure that there is a solution. Our Spring Rescue Benefit Auction raised $2500 for Rescue and we plan for this to be come an annual event. Other past fund raisers for HFC rescue included mugs and Havanese wear.